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Latin, jazz and modern jazz dancer, dance pedagog and choreographer.


She took her first ballet class at the age of 7. From then on she has never given up dancing. She has dancing background in ballet, jazz, disco dance, acrobatics, hip hop, contact-improvisation, latin and swing.

In 2005 Together with the Polish disco dance group V2 she took 4th place in  World Disco Dance Championship. The same year she accidentally dropped by a salsa club in Warsaw and fell in love with salsa at once. Six months later she joined Salsa Libre team, becoming performer and salsa teacher. Together with Salsa Libre she has performed on many stages in Poland and abroad.

In January 2009 she accepted the invitation of the biggest Norwegian latin school Salsa Kompaniet and moved to Oslo. She has been teaching and performing with such names as Jazzy Ruiz, Alexis Ruiz and Luis Vazquez. During those years she has established her position of leading female salsa artist in Scandinavia and one of the best in Europe. Her dancing, teaching and performing skills were recognized as well in Asia (Japan, India), where together with her dance partner she held workshops and performances.

From 2011 she has worked as pedagog and choreographer for Bårdar Akademiet, and featured Norwegian TV shows "Stjernekamp" and "Alt er lov". 

In 2017 she moved to Trondheim to take position of head instructor in SalsaNor. She choreographs and coaches several dance teams in Norway (including Groovin Dance Company, Groovi’n’Heels and SalsaNor Student Teams). She travels internationally for dance workshops, dance choreography bootcamps and performances.

She is known for her unique expressive dance style, musicality and social dance skills. She enjoys dancing latin dances, swing as well as jazz and contact-improvisation. But social dancing remains always her greatest love, bringing joy of connection and improvisation on the dance floor. 

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​My Passion


​Yes, dance is first of all my great passion and love. It is my way to express myself. It is my blues treatment and safety valve, my way of sharing joy and enthusiasm. It is my ‘place’ where I discover myself, over and over again.

Dance is also the perfect way to party, having fun with friends and meeting new people. It is universal language, abounds with expression means, that let you communicate with no words with almost everybody, no matter the nationality, origins or culture. It gives the space for improvisation and common creativeness. And creating with others brings enormous joy:)

professional and personal.Dance is also my profession, which gives me the opportunity to share enthusiasm and enjoyment with others, show them new ways of discovering themselves. Infecting with passion and watching the others discovering the passion in themselves brings me the biggest satisfaction - both 

So what is dance for me? It is simply my way of life:)


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