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Choose the best way to learn, entertaint or built a team with benefits for you and your emloyees.


Dance styles

LATIN - salsa, mambo, cha cha cha, pachanga, bachata, STAGE - jazz, latin jazz, show dance, high heels, burlesque

STREET - ragga jam, reggaeton


Dance techniques

Solo & couple dancing, leading & following in couples, body movement & coordination, lady styling, spinning technique, musicality, improvisation on the dance floor, show & choreographies.



Regular dance classes can improve your coordination, build up and strengthen your body to make it fit! They help to release stress, raise your self-esteem and self- confidence. They bring back the balance of your mind and body! They will make you SMILE:)

They are perfect for those who seek for long term training and long lasting effects, who want to learn about movements, detailed techniques as well as dancing culture and music in order to  fully enjoy social dancing.

Dance classes are for kids, youth and grown ups. Everybody can dance at ANY age!





Workshops are individual classes, composed in short, intensive program,  with specific theme or goal i.e. improving dance technique, socialize or built up a team spirit.

The content  of workshop is focused more on particular subject. The frame is flexible and adjustable acording to students, conditions and goal.

Workshop clesses are perfect to boost up energy and motivation. They inspire, enrich knowledge and are great complementation of regular classes.


Most popular workshops:

  • Dance Introduction - great way to be introduced to dancing for everybody

  • Dance Imrovement - for those who want to improve oredevelope new dancing skills

  • Let's Socialize - for any group that want to spend good time together in a relaxed atmosphere and built or refresh relations

  • Team Building - for any group of friends or co-workers that want to work on team working skills






  • needs personal learning pace for the most effective results, 

  • wants to improve and develop on the dance floor through specialized training, 

  • likes individual approach and expects personal feedback,

  • would like to focus on particular aspects of dancing like leading & following, dance techniques, coordination, body movement, styling, spinning, music interpretation etc.

For those who are a bit shy and don’t feel comfortable in big group:) 

During the private class the material, exercises, tempo is individually adjusted. You can freely ask questions and practice as much as you need.





Dance training is designed to reach an assigned goal, covers selected material to answer specific individual or group needs.

Short or long term dance training program prepared for particular purposes like:

  • performing act,

  • build up stamina, 

  • socialize within the group of friends or co-workers, 

  • improve team working skills

  • develop specific skills/talents like music interpretation, stage appearance & performance skills e.t.c.


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