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Dance shows are great way to make an event unforgettable! They boost the energy at a party bringing smile and joy. They can be the highlight of an event or a part of the whole entertainment program. Whether elegant or funky, spectacular or intimate, a dance show is dynamic, energetic, full of passion and joyful!


You can choose between solo, couple or group dance shows with varius character

To see some of the shows check Gallery.





Would you like to have a SHOW PROGRAM built according to your needs, event theme and your guests expectations?

We will help you to choose the best repertuar for your party, including dance shows, live music, theather groups and other attraction. We will smoothly combine them into one interesting performance and take your guests onto the journey they won't forget!


Examples of performance themes:

  • Latin Night

  • Night Club

  • Back to 50's





Short and funny dance lessons based on easy to follow steps and moves done to energetic music.

An animation can be a perfect “appetizer” that brings good mood and creates nice atmosphere at a party. Quick lesson during a party is always an entertaining activity that makes people smile, move and have fun.

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