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Regular dance classes at SalsaNOR 

January - May 2019

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One of the most popular latin couple dances! With afro-cuban origins salsa lately took over the dance floors around the world. This hot, energetic and joyful dance lets everybody socialize and have fun on the dance floor. Perfect way to spice up your life!

WARNING: highly addictive!!!;)



Soulful dance of cuban roots with slower tempo music. Elegant (cha cha), funky (boogaloo) or sentimental (guajira). Leaves a lot of space for personal interpretation and style. For everybody who loves to groove with music!




Ladies salsa class will introduce you to the feminine world of latin dances in a joyful and easy way. You will learn steps, body movement, arm work and attitude characteristic to latin dances. You will get to know how to move and look in order to feel feminine and attractive on the dance floor.


Dance class for all ladies who love to dance to popular music and learn some cool female moves. The class boosts confidence, improve comfort and stability in high heels shoes and give grace and elegance to your movements. All along with great energy, fun and body work out. Join our «ladies’ time»!​


Very energetic, bouncy and expressive dance style based on Jamaican & Antillean rhythms. It combines ragga, hip hop, reggaeton, dancehall and funk. Using simple steps and smooth body moves let everyone find and enjoy the flow. It always brings positive energy, smile and happiness!


SHOW TEAMS are available after audition.


11-13 Jan

25-27 Jan

1-3 Mar

5-10 Mar

26-28 Apr

24-26 May

25-30 Jun

16-18 Aug

25-27 Oct

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sarajevo, Bosna & Hercegovina

Oslo, Norway

Freiburg, Germany

Haugesund, Norway

Trondheim, Norway

Rovinj, Croatia

Warsaw, Poland

Oslo, Norway

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